Welcome to Nexus Impex Inc

Welcome to Nexus Impex Inc

Nexus Impex Inc is a leading provider of high-quality products and services. With a focus on customer satisfaction, we strive to exceed expectations in every aspect of our business.

Our Major Markets

We take pride in sourcing premium metal primarily from North America and Europe. Our global presence spans key destinations like India, China, Malaysia, Korea and Germany making us a trusted industry leader.

Our Products

Explore a world of quality products for your needs:

1. Precision Steel Sheets: - CRGO (Grain Oriented) - Prime & Second Choice, Full & Slit Coils - CRNGO (Non-Grain Oriented) - Prime & Second Choice, Full & Slit Coils - European Origin for top-notch quality

2. Transformative Materials: - Transformer Sheets (CRGO or HRGO) - Copper & Aluminum options - Eco-friendly choices with dismantled sheets from used transformers.

3. Non-Ferrous Marvels: - Premium Copper & Aluminum with thoughtful attachments
4. Powerful Components: - Electric Motors for seamless performance - Compressors sourced from A/C
or Refrigerator cooling systems
5. Cutting-Edge Electronics: - Explore a range of Electronic Accessories
6. Heavy-duty Machinery: - Construction Machines for every project - Options include crawler excavators, power shovels, cranes, and more